Concert: Natalie Imbruglia in Manchester

Artist: Natalie Imbruglia

Date: November 28, 2005

Opening Act: Robert Post

Venue: Manchester Academy 1

City: Manchester

Review by [David Adair]

Engaging and high spirited guitar pop is what the jovial Robert Post does and does well.

He used tonight as the perfect forum to advertise his flowery musical style.

‘Godmother’ displayed fully his Ray Lamontagne and underpinning of Liam O’MaonlaĆ­ singing style.

Spicy nostalgia was added with a carefully slotted portion of ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ into one of the offerings towards the end. Robert provided warmth, both between songs and during them, to ensure that everyone was ready for the appearance of the main lady.

The band entered first and slowly started the riff to ‘Wishing I Was There’ from her 1998 album ‘Left Of The Middle’, before Natalie Imbruglia sprung onto the stage and poured her heart and soul into the troubled and racing indie/pop pearl; non verbally imploring the crowd to do so also.

Effervescently glowing all the way through, Natalie seemed to be relishing the fact that three solid albums have helped her to carve a niche as a serious artist.

‘Satisfied’, did exactly that to the appetite of the crowd for the soulful and slightly gritty pop.

Natalie played a pleasing tribute to an obvious influence; Neil Finn by way of a cover of the Crowded House cruncher ‘Pineapple Head’.

A low key acoustic accompaniment to ‘Starting Today’ allowed the antipodean’s vocals to soar out with extra bite. This number from the thoughtful and slower; ‘White Lillies Island’ album highlighted the range of songs in the back catalogue.

Energetic versions of ‘Torn’ and ‘Impressed’ made for a lively hands in the air finale, ensuring that three quarters full venue emptied with a spring in their step.

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