Concert: Tara MacLean in Minneapolis (2000)

Artist: Tara MacLean

Date: January 27th, 2000

Venue: Coffee Gallery

City: Minneapolis, MN

Review by [Amy Lotsberg] Producer of Collected Sounds

Well we wanted to make sure we go there in plenty of time. When I called earlier the guy on the phone had given her start time as “8 or 8:30”. So we got there around 7:30 (in case it was 8pm) and the place was packed! There was no place to sit and people were already standing. So we crunched to the back and stood sweating for an hour and a half until she came in the front door.

I said to my husband, Greg, “I bet she was across the street!” (in a bar called Oliver’s). I am still kicking myself for not going there before the show, because at one point when she messed up on something she remarked, “Oh, man, we should have left the bar earlier!”

She came in, took her coat of and got on stage. She was very loopy (I’ll just say it…tipsy) and silly. She started with “That’s Me” ad I thought we were going to see the same show as before, but she added some other songs unknown to me. (see set list at the end of the article)

The coffee shop is pretty small and built like a long hallway. The stage was at the front of this “hallway” set up in the front window of the shop. She said, “I feel like everyone is looking at my ass!” But they were making it steam up enough so that no one would have been able to see anything anyway.

Someone asked if she had any CDs for folks to buy and she said they were supposed to be FedExed here that night but got stuck in Tennessee because of the snowstorm.

The evening was very relaxed. She mentioned a few times that they hadn’t had a day off in months and they were “wingin’ it!” She asked for requests and the owner of the shop yelled out, “Inna Godda Da Vida”. When the laughter stopped Bill very quietly began playing the intro.

She mentioned that she sometimes plays covers when she’s on tour. She introduced one as a song written by a friend of hers who was very talented and funny and the song had done really well on the Canadian Charts.
The artist was Kim Stockwood and she called the song, “The Jerk Song”. (Amazon lists it as just being called “Jerk”)

She mentioned that it was on Kim’s CD called “Bona Vista”. She recommended everyone go out and get it.
Click here for information on ordering Kim Stockwood’s CD

Tara was, at once point speaking about Shania Twain and remarked, “She needs to do some sit ups, but otherwise…” which drew a huge “Oooooohhhhh!” from the crowd. I hope she was kidding!

Tara also mentioned that she was doing an interview for Playboy the next day “I’m not posing, don’t worry!”, she said.

Set list

That’s Me
If I Fall
Unloved (a Jann Arden song)
Unknown–the lyrics start out, This old house is falling down…

[Tara MacLean Official Site]

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