Concert: Vienna Teng/Alex Wong (2007)

Artist: Vienna Teng & Alex Wong
Date: November 8-9, 2007
Venue: Collected Sounds Living Room
City: Minneapolis, MN

Review by [Amy Lotsberg] Producer of Collected Sounds

Well, it was years in the making but it finally happened. We got to host Vienna Teng. I couldn’t have been more excited. And Vienna and Alex did not disappoint. I was of course familiar with Vienna’s music, but I didn’t know Alex’s until recently. He’s wonderful too and they are fabulous together.

The vibes of the shows were quite different. Thursday night was actually pretty rockin’ while it seemed everyone was pretty mellow on Friday. Sort of the opposite of what I was expecting. But great shows, both. I would love to have either or both of them back anytime!!!

Set list

[Vienna Teng Official Site]

[See all photos on my Flickr Acct]

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