Concert: Vienna Teng/Terami Hirsch in Mountain View, CA

Artist: Vienna Teng

Date: March 21, 2003

Opening Act: Terami Hirsch

Venue: Global Village Cafe

City: Mountain View, CA

Review by [Amy Lotsberg] Producer of Collected Sounds

Set list

New song (perhaps called “Never Go Back” ?)
New song temporarily called “Intoxicated”
“Fire+ Madeline”: she put these two songs together and it was incredible.
“The Breathing”

Terami HirschTerami HirschTerami HirschTerami Hirsch
Terami HirschTerami HirschTerami Hirsch

Set list

Vienna’s Set List
“The Tower”
“Eric’s song”
“Anna Rose”
“Boy at the Piano”
“Say Uncle”
“Soon Love Soon” (this was a beautiful sing along)
“Unwritten Letter”

“Mission Street”

Vienna TengVienna TengVienna Teng
Vienna TengVienna TengVienna Teng
Vienna TengVienna Teng

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