Dar Williams’ Album out!

Dar Williams’ new album is out today!

Here’s the track list
Disc One:
1. Calling the Moon Dar Williams
2. If I Wrote You Dar Williams;Gary Louris
3. Spring Street Dar Williams;Gary Louris
4. I’ll Miss You Till I Meet You (Acoustic Revisited Version) Dar Williams;Gary Louris
5. The Christians and The Pagans Dar Williams;Sean Watkins;Sara Watkins
6. What Do You Hear in These Sounds Dar Williams;Gary Louris
7. The One Who Knows
8. The Babysitter’s Here
9. As Cool As I Am
10. You Rise And Meet the Day
11. Iowa
12. When I Was A Boy

Disc 2:
1. It’s Alright
2. Are You Out There
3. As Cool as I Am
4. If I Wrote You
5. February Dar Williams
6. Mercy of The Fallen
7. The Easy Way (Live)
8. The One Who Knows
9. Teen For God
10. After All Dar Williams
11. Book of Love
12. The Beauty of The Rain
13. The Babysitter’s Here
14. Better Things
15. Spring Street
16. The Ocean
17. Closer to Me
18. Empire
19. The End of the Summer
20. When I Was a Boy

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