Discovery: Melissa McClelland

I heard mention of Melissa McClelland on another website and the description sounded like something I’d like. So I took a listen.

[Official Site] (beware, it’s Flash-tastic, and many of the links didn’t work when I tried them.)

Luke Doucet who use to play with our Miss Sarah (McLachlan) is her producer and guitar player (and husband!). Looks like Sarah even makes an appearance on her record. She was also with Nettwerk, but has since left. She is now with Six Shooter Records and working on a new album.

I see she had a song (Rooftops) on Grey’s Anatomy, so I am probably the only one who doesn’t already know about her seeing as I am the only one in the world not watching that show. Geeze maybe I should start watching just for the music!

I think I’ve heard this song on the radio…

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