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Cannelle is cinnamon in French. It’s also the name of a great musician. I’ve known Melissa Oliveri personally for a few years now. But recently she started sharing her musical abilities with the world and I wanted to make sure you all know about her and her fun, quirky style!

Melissa Oliveri


Melissa Oliveri came to Minneapolis from Montreal, Canada in 2006, bringing with her an eclectic mix of both French- and English- Canadian cultures.

Her diverse influences range from Alternative music like Pixies and PJ Harvey, to French artists like France Gall, Serge Gainsbourg, and Jean Leloup, and women songwriters like Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Tori Amos, and Amanda Palmer.

Having experienced an important loss as a child and lived through the grief that ensued, her songs often tug on the heartstrings, but she can also write about everyday life situations from a humorous angle. Whether playing a silly song about her favourite snacks, dreaming about living among palm trees, or softly singing an ode to a departed loved one, her songs will make you feel exactly what she wants you to feel.

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