Eleni Mandell at the Cedar

I saw Eleni Mandell last night at the Cedar Cultural Center. i uploaded some pix to Picasa. So you can look at the slideshow here (small) or click on it and see the photos in full size. Warning: They’re not any clearer large. I was sitting in the back and didn’t want to disturb anyone so I didn’t use flash.
I have a good camera, but not that good.

I want to send a big THANK YOU to [Vita.mn] for the tix which I won by Tweeting a trivia answer!

Hope you enjoy. I won’t do a real review except to say that she was amazing. I was shocked at how much she rocked. I guess I shouldn’t have been seeing as I’d heard her newest record (which is very different from previous ones). But I also learned her drummer is from the band X. So, there’s that!

Eleni Mandell

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