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Jesca HoopJesca (yes, born ‘Jessica’) Hoop is originally from Santa Rosa, California. I feel like I’ve known of her forever. I think I first heard of her when I learned she was the nanny to Tom Waits’ children.

Her music is very eclectic. It can be soft and pretty, or loud and aggressive. But always creative and interesting and amazing.
I really don’t know how else to describe her style. It’s not like anyone else, in my opinion.

Some of my favorite songs:
“The Kingdom” remains my favorite (Hunting My Dress)
“Murder of Birds” is another great one (Hunting my Dress)
“Out the Backdoor is fun” (Kismet)
“Shouldered” (Stonechild)
“Fear of Father” (Stonechild)
…I guess I could just name everything from Stonechild, so I’ll stop.


Tiny Desk Concert
The Kingdom

Hunting my Dress (2009)
Kismet (2011)
The Complete Kismet Acoustic (2012)
The House That Jack Built (2012)
Undress (2014)
Memories are Now (2017)
Phonograph/Moon Rock/Needle (?)
Stonechild (2019)

She has other albums with other artists as well.

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