Forever and a Day by Jesse Rose Trip


1. Forever and a day
2. Sour Grape

The Jessie Rose Trip; Forever and a Day
2009 / New Music Club/Voluptuous Records

Northern Soul, Duffy and Nina Simone gritting over is the fresh and funky direction headed towards by the prodigiously talented Stockport lass, Jessie Rose (who has a voice that could command the whole of Edgeley Park into a state of contemplative quiet) and her expansively foraging backing band. ‘Forever and a day’, is a clever choice for a debut A side, displaying a full bodied and expansive instrumental flavour that follows the masterful and soothing vocals, delivering a tale covering the cruelness and uncertainty of losing yourself to feelings of love;

Feeling all alone, wondering if he’ll phone. It’s all because he is so light.

Sour Grapes, complements this debut single with funk blues guitars splattering and a sterner more forceful Northern Soul coated vocal defiance. James Wood’s heartbeat percussion keeps the rhythm consistent and catchy, as Jesse and her troupe set out on the road to deliver freshness to those who like their music rhythmic and slightly feisty.

Rating; 3.5/5

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