Happy Friday, have some free music.

Hello lovelies!
I’ve got some free songs for you today!!

Free Gileah Taylor track and new EP
I just got word, from Gileah herself, that she’s releasing a new EP and in support is offering a free single on her website.
[Get I’m All In by Gileah Taylor]
I’ll write more about the EP once I get it 🙂

I Can See, from See Green
Also Courteney Green from See Green (who I reviewed recently) is offering a free single for you. It’s a cover of an LCD Soundsystem song.
[Get I Can Change by See Green]

The Brothers Young
The Brothers Young are, in fact, three brothers rounded out with the help of three of their closest friends. Dillon, Dustin and Michael Young are joined by Levi Cecil, Travis Girton and Trevino Brings Plenty for the follow-up EP to their outstanding debut, The Sun Says He’s God.
[Good Deeds by Brothers Young]

Red Wanting Blue
[Get Where You Wanna Go by Red Wanting Blue] from their record, These Magnificent Miles.

On October 5, Guster returns with Easy Wonderful, their first studio album in four years.
[Guster’s site] Note: you have to tweet or Facebook post in order to get the free song.

[Have some free music, on me!] from Emusic.

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