Free Holiday Music

(just reposting this as a Christmas reminder on this holiday!. Hope you are all having a wonderful time!)

Some Holiday goodies for you!
Thanks to my inbox as well as some friends on Facebook who pointed these out to me.

**New Addition**
I knew about this a week or so ago, and just forgot to add it to the list! *slaps forehead*
[Swedish Christmas]

The Endless always put out a Holiday sampler. Here’s the 2008 Holiday page. It’s got a great video too! [here]
…and you can get past years on their site (free!)
Go to [this place] and to get them free, choose, “Gift From Artist”. Isn’t that sweet of them? And the songs are fantastic. Great band!

Petrakovich offers [Old Long Since | Winter Songs] . If you can’t open/extract a .sit file [use this link]

Marilyn Scott is offering Silver Bells and Winter Wonderland:[here]

Sloan Wainwright is offering a song on her site. Go to [here] and scroll down to Big Bright Beautiful Tree.

Natalie Janssen is offering two songs for the season, Snowed in for the Winter and Christmas in Los Angeles. [Get ’em here]

Ellery is also offering their Christmas EP, December Days [December Days] [Visit Ellery]

And I’ll once again steer you to Fisher‘s website for her loverly Christmas EP, December, because it’s some of my favorite Christmas music. [December by Fisher]

Allison Crowe who released a beautiful Christmas record, has posted some videos of the songs. Man, that voice….*shivver*

Here’s one.

[Here’s the rest]

[Visit her site] for song downloads

As far as records to buy…see my list from last year. pretty much the same: [here]

Also another friend (thanks Alicia!) showed [this page] to me. It’s the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs. You can listen to it there (the whole album). I did that but by the third song I was headed over to Amazon to download the whole things for ten bucks. [do that here],

I hope the holidays are treating you well and you aren’t gaining as much weight as I am (unless of course you need to).

I will be taking a day or two off from posting because we are cooking Xmas dinner for 12 tomorrow and I’m also sick…but I’ll be back.

If any of you know of any other good free holiday music, please feel free to post a link to it in the comments.

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