Free songs

Hey kids, more free stuff coming your way!!
Lots of new released coming out around now, so folks are kindly offering up free samples!

A few years back I reviewed katie Davis’ EP, “Terrible Terrible” and it was far from. It was actually one of my favorites of the year. She’s got a new one out and she’s allowed me to offer a free song for you to sample:
[Fisherman] from her new EP, Three Songs. For more info, check out [Katie’s Website]

Andy Clockwise is known to many as the eccentric, charismatic, magnetic, so talented its almost unfair (The Daily Telegraph) brand new legend of rock and roll coming from Sydney Australia and coming out of Los Angeles. Part punk, part pop, part rock, part indescribable; Andy stands out as a forerunner of the future of good music. [The Casanova (Remember Love)] by Andy Clockwise.

For these you have to sign up for the mailing list to get the free song, but that’s cool, right?

[Chatelaine] from Take a Line for a Walk. Really pretty stuff. (I don’t know the name yet because my email with the link hasn’t arrived yet).

[The Watson Twins] Human. A previously unreleased B-Side.

Oh and if you’re planning on getting a Kindle, I’d love it if you’d go through me!
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