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Some of you may remember the name Cat Kinsey (she now goes by her full name, Catlain). She is a wonderful artist that we’ve covered here on Collected Sounds. We even hosting a house concert with her in 2003. She’s also a fabulous person. We had a fantastic time that weekend. We sort of lost touch over the last 6 years, but luckily she still had my email address because I got an email from some friends of hers with some startling news.

on Saturday April 4th her house burned down. She lost almost everything except her life and her dog. Her dog actually saved her life (who’s a good doggie?…you’re a good doggie!)

Read the story [here]

There’s a second, follow up story [here]

Her fabulous friends have set up a blog for her and a donation site on PayPal. since she lost nearly everything, it’s money she needs now to get back on her feet.

Here’s the [Blog]
and the [PayPal site]

So if you can help out at all that would be greatly appreciated. If you live in the Seattle area maybe you can donate some time?

Maybe also send some good zen her way 🙂

We’re thinking of you Catlain!!

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