Help! I need your input

Hi friends,
I’m working on a new project…I’m developing a new podcast that is about a TV show on the Travel Channel called “The Dead Files”. The podcast will be me and a co-host talking about our favorite episodes as well as other paranormal things, including personal experiences.

But I’m stuck…I can’t think of a name for the show and I need your help!

If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a physical medium named Amy Allan and her partner, a retired homicide detective Steve DiSchavi who investigate paranormal locations, dig into the history of the property, and give the clients solutions to fix it.

Here’s a little trailer, sort of, if you want to get familiar with it and help me out!

Here’s what I’m looking for: it should be something that is catchy, short, and has something to do with the show. A catch-phrase, tag line, etc, something that if someone is browsing through shows they’ll see ours and think, “OMG is that a show about The Dead Files?!” and subscribe.

Here’s what I have so far…

I think these are too long:
“Amy, is this what you saw?” (each episode Amy sits down with a sketch artist and they draw something that she saw in the home, this is what the artist says to Amy)
“I Don’t Even Want To Show You This” (what Steve says when he’s about to show the sketch to the clients)

I think these might infringe on copyright:
“The Dead Files Files”
“Help Me Dead Files” (this is in the promo when Steve and Amy say that if you have paranormal activity that you need help with, you should go to the website and click those words)

These two I think are good, just not sure I love them:
“Were ya boozin’?” (what Steve says when he’s making sure that the client’s claims are not because they were drunk–he says this more than you’d think and it’s hilarious)

“You Could Have Been Killed” (Steve says this often when people talk about how they got pushed down staircases)


Do you like any of those? Do you have any other suggestions? I could really use your help.
If we pick your title you’ll get a shoutout in the first episode.
I’m hoping to launch it by March 2022.

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