I got an email from Sarah!

OK not really. From time to time I get emails from people telling me about an artist they think I should cover on Collected Sounds. I appreciate these, I really do. I have discovered some fantastic artists this way. But I always think it’s weird when someone sends me a suggestion for an artist that I clearly already cover. For example, her photo is on the main page, or in this case, is the whole reason for creating this website in the first place. Wouldn’t you think someone would do a search for the artist on the site before suggesting her? Well, I guess some folks don’t want to go to the trouble.

I’m not necessarily saying that was the intent of this email I got today, but it kind of appears that it’s someone trying to suggest I look into this obscure artist known as Sarah McLachlan! And not only that, they are suggesting that they are, in fact, Sarah McLachlan herself! I am quite sure that Ms. McLachlan has much more to do with her busy days than to visit my page and fill out a form suggesting I take a gander at her website. But for a second I got to pretend that my goddess emailed me and made me smile.


At least they spelled her name right which is more than I can say for a lot of the comments I get.
By the way, Happy Birthday to Sarah (a little early, it’s the big one!)!

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