I’m baaaaaack

I’m back, I survived the boat and the plane rides (really very uneventful from a travel perspective, and I’m a scaredy cat traveler). We had a blast! Ships and Dip is so much fun and I want to see ALL of you on board next time.

I have a ton of photos (I took about 150 and my photographer-friend took another 700!). I am still going through them and will post some of the best when I get that task taken care of. I want to give a shout out THANKS to Becki at Sixthman who hooked me up with a press pass. This meant we were able to get a ton of really good shots of the shows to share with you.

I was only a slight fan of BNL before this. I liked them, have a few of their albums, but their “real” fans are really…um…fan-atic. Some of them anyway. But after seeing them live a few times I’m gonna go right out and say they’re fabulous. They’re so high energy, they are fantastic musicians, they know how to have a good time and they LOVE their fans. What more could you ask for? I’m sold.

Here’s a quick little shot of the beach we sat on in Costa Maya. It was still a little foggy when I took this, but it cleared up soon and was bright and sunny until we left (then it started raining)

It sure beats the 14 feet* of snow we have here. The snow is so tall in my backyard that my dog can get on his hind legs and lean over the fence. The SIX FOOT privacy fence that is.

*slight exaggeration, but only slight.

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