Interview: Beth Williams

An Interview with Beth Williams by Collected Sounds

photo with Amazing Grace (I am in love with her doggie!)

Where are you based?
Mason, Texas

Where did you grow up?
Traveling overseas until I was 17, moving every 1 – 3 years.

Tell us a little about how you got interested in music and when you started writing/playing.
I was living on Peshawar AFB in Pakistan when I was 12. I went across the street to the baseball field and saw a lone GI sitting on the bleachers. I walked up to him and listened to him sing and play his guitar. It was like I was hit by lightning. I immediatly went home and told my parents I wanted a guitar. There were no guitars available on Peshawar. When we moved to Okinawa later that year, my parents bought me a $10.00 guitar ar the PX on Kadena, AFB.

Describe your first performance (time, place and any feelings that went with it).
My first performance playing guitar and singing was when I was a junior at Kubasaki High School on Okinawa. I entered & won the Talent Contest, singing a song I’d written, “My Lords Song”. When they called my name as the first place winner, I just stood there. Someone had to push me out on the stage. I was so totally shocked that I had won. It was a very thrilling, exciting night. I remember my parents were so proud, happy and literally beaming.
And I won $75.00!!!!

How would you describe your style of music and who are your musical influences?
Eclectic, Americans, folk, country, pop. I think my musical influences come from hearing all different types of music growing up overseas.

Same 5 questions:

1. What is the best feeling in the world?
2. What is the worst feeling in the world?
3. What is your favorite beverage?
Dr. Pepper
4. What is your favorite word or phrase?
“Do what you do.”
5. What is your greatest accomplishment (so far)?
Learning to rise above obstacles & be positive!!

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