Interview: Sarah Fimm

Interview with Sarah Fimm by Steven Digman.

What inspires Sarah Fimm?
“I am inspired by everything… People inspire me, cookie dough inspires me, being alone inspires me. I try to really remember what is important, and once I started learning what was really important; it became a lot easier to become inspired. I hope that makes sense. It’s a very hard question…

“A Perfect Dream” she continues, …”is based on conversations I had with homeless people. That’s why I sampled them. Dale is of course my favorite, the title track. He gave me the idea for the Perfect Dream. And It makes my heart hurt to listen to him…that’s how I knew it was good… People are just windows. People that struggle are fascinating…which is all of us. So I will never be out of information. I am an idealist and also the queen of humanitarian ramblings.”

And what one rule (or rules) in the business and theory of music does Sarah Fimm like to break?
“All of them”…

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