Jodi Shaw new album soon…NOW

Hey Kids, this album is out NOW!

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I’m super excited to announce that the lovely and talented Jodi Shaw is getting ready to release her first album in five years!

I’ve been following Jodi’s career for years and love both of her previous albums, Pie Love Sky and Snow on Saturn. In fact, love so much I persuaded her to come to Minneapolis and do a house concert even though she was sick (I still feel bad about that, but we had a great time!)

Anyway, her album, In Waterland, is almost done and will be released soon but she needs our help collecting the last of the finances it will cost to bring it to the people.

She made a video featuring a new song from the album called Jack and Jill

If you contribute to this project, you get some rewards! In her words: “For example, $15 gets you a full digital download and physical copy of the record; $5000 gets you a shaved head; etc. etc.” Yikes!! Read the fine print…that’s all I’m sayin’…

Please consider making a contribution of any size to support the completion of In Waterland.

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What? No Facebook? I kid.


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