Just a note…

I just looked at this site in the Internet Explorer and it looks like crap. It doesn’t load the content where it’s supposed to be. It loads the sidebars at the bottom of the page where there’s no content….It’s all kinds off wrong. Plus, it was trying to download a file called log.php and I promise you, I have not told it to do any such thing. I would never. I thought perhaps it was my ad program, but I removed that and it’s still doing it, so I have no idea.

So if you’re a visitor of this page, please consider using something other than that vile IE. It’s evil and wrong and there’s no reason to use it* when there are so many other good browsers out there. I use Chrome and Firefox.
*unless, of course you’re like me and have to use it at work because the websites that you have to use for work only work in that.

If you are resistant to change or can’t use another browser, then you’d be better off using a reader to access the site’s info. You can do that [here]

[This] is an oldie, but the ‘wheee’ makes me laugh every time.


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