Lily tickets wanted

I tried to get Lily Allen tix for the First Ave show in Minneapolis, but I refuse to go through Ticketmaster. After weighing my “options” I decided to get them at the little record shop near my house. Note: scalpers were wanting up to $330 a piece for these online before they even went on sale.

Tickets went on sale at 10am. So I got myself there at promptly 10am only to find that the store doesn’t open until 11. So back home to sit for 45 minutes. Back out to the store promptly at 11. No one was there except for one guy standing outside the locked store who appeared to also be waiting for tickets (he didn’t look like the store’s regular clientele). So I took a stroll around the neighborhood for about half and hour before deciding that the dude who was supposed to open the store that day had probably decided his hangover was more important than coming to work and so I gave up.

So if any of you hear of any guest list spaces I’d be happy to fill up a couple! 🙂 I”ll write a review even!

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