Lots of free goodies for you! – fixed links!

Wow, today’s a great day on Amazon for their free stuff.
Sorry, guys… I was using bit.ly for links and it didn’t work. I’ve fixed them now.

[Sarathan Sunset Sampler] featuring Abra Moore, Peter Bradley Adams, Two Loons for Tea, Shane Bartell, Christopher Blue and Lisbeth Scott.

[Sarathan Indie Sampler] Featuring War Tapes, Sensations Junkies, The Purrs, Thunder Buffalo, Christopher Blue, Feral Children and Two Loons for Tea.

[Projekt: afar] featuring: Weep, Makras Pen, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, The Twilight Garden, Lovesliescrushing, Steve Roach, Mark Seelig, and Erik Wollo.


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