Matthew Sweet: Sunshine Lies NEW!!

I just heard that Matthew Sweet has a new record coming out soon. Years ago I feel in love with Girlfriend and still listen to it and several of his other albums on a regular basis. So this makes me very happy.

I do like [this song] (tho’ that looks nothing like the Matthew Sweet I know!)

Order the CD, Sunshine Lie. It is out 8/26 on Shout! Factory.
[Pre-Order from Amazon]

[Matthew Sweet’s site]

1. Time Machine
2. Room To Rock
3. Byrdgirl
4. Flying
5. Feel Fear
6. Let’s Love
7. Sunshine Lies
8. Pleasure Is Mine
9. Daisychain
10. Sunrise Eyes
11. Around You Now
12. Burn Through Love
13. Back Of My Mind

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