Meet Little Comets

Little Comets’ new single Isles is out October 18, 2010.

Since leaving their former record label, Columbia, and signing with Dirty Hit Ltd, Little Comets have been busy touring with artists such as Delphic and The Noisettes. They’ve been gaining great radio and TV support for Isles and are continuing their tour of the UK with 20 dates in the next month alone!

They describe the song thusly:

“The song is called ‘Isles’ and I suppose it is just a collection of notes and words that fell out of us when whilst practicing in Gateshead. Like lots of places we’ve travelled to, there a strange disconnect between the people and their environment. Despite the simplification of bleak streets and wild youth, the lyrics can maybe convey the yearning subject matter more accurately.”

You can get a free orchestral MP3 of their song, Isles [here]

[Little Comets Official]
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