Merton and Ben Folds

Do you all know about this? Seems a (very talented) guy named Merton posted a video of himself on YouTube playing piano and doing improv live on ChatRoulette (which I’d never even heard of until this). It appears to be a video chat site that rotates people for you to chat with. Yes, I am old. Moving on…

Anyway, here’s his video:

Then there was some speculation that this guy could be none other than Ben Folds. Well, Ben says it’s not him, but then he does an “Ode to Merton” live at one of his shows, doing the same thing.

They’re both pretty dern funny!
Here’s Mr. Folds’.

Watch til the end, “Freebird!”

Man, this makes me want to see Ben Folds live again. Always a good time.

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