Album Review: Angel Above my Piano by Fiona Joy Hawkins


Album Name: Angel Above my Piano

Artist: Fiona Joy Hawkins

Year/Label: 2006 / Little Hartley Music

Not being a musician, I feel a little unqualified to critique instrumental music. So I am not going to get too technical here. This is just beautiful soothing piano music. Just the thing to cure the holiday stress.

The songs are beautifully constructed and performed and it’s all wrapped up in a very professional package. The production is great making this a lovely listening experience. Perfect for this time of year.

I recommend it to anyone who loves the sound of the piano. It’s amazing.

Track Listing

1 Crystal Desert
2 Dance of the Penguins
3 Flight of the Albatross
4 Angel Above my Piano
5 Love in Winter (1st Movement Opus for Love)
6 Love Forever (2nd Movement Opus for Love)
7 Love in Spring (3rd Movement Opus for Love)
8 Watching the Wind
9 Down the Aisle (Wedding March 2)
10 Thinking of You (Australian Lullaby)
11 Preamble (Partitia No 5) J.S Bach
12 The Child’s Game
13 Love Forever (Reprise)

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