Album Review: Beauty? by Sound of the Blue Heart


Album Name: Beauty?

Artist: Sound of the Blue Heart

Year/Label: 2006 / Triple X Records

This record has a very haunting quality to it. The vocals often sound like they’re right up in your ear whispering. It’s a cool effect. But after repeated listens I find it’s a bit affected. A little too Bowie-wanna-be, look how creepy I am-ish. But it’s still pretty cool. It is reminiscent of some great 80s pop-ambient stuff like The Church.

The songs are well written and interesting. I like it, I just am not real wordy about it. Good rainy day music.

Track Listing

1. Great Escape
2. Beauty?
3. Mad, Mad World
4. He’s Forgotten How to Dream
5. River of Love
6. Love and It’s Sorrow
7. I Cannot Look Away
8. Can’t Get It Out of My Head
9. Elizabeth’s Song
10. In an Empty Heart
11. Pantomime Clown

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