Album Review: Breath of the Soul by Ellen Honert


Album Name: Breath of the Soul

Artist: Ellen Honert

Year/Label: 2006 / Honert Music

This is another jazz record and I’ve said before (but will restate) I am scared to profess that I know anything about jazz because someone will always point out that my head is up my arse. But I do know what I like.

This is a lovely sensual album. Honert has a distinct voice that is low and deep but she can hit the higher notes as well. It adds to the sensuality of the recording.

Life Is What You Make It has a really funky rhythm that just makes you want to move. She wrote this one with the famous Tuck and Patti.

Away, which she wrote 100% on her own is a cool upbeat number with a nice melody and catchy chorus.

This is great chill out or dinner music.

Track Listing

1 Blue
2 Life Is What You Make It
3 Spring
4 Two Lonely People
5 Someday
6 Love Dance
7 Hope
8 If It’s Magic
9 Got to Get You Into My Life
10 Away
11 Never Let Me Go
12 Inspiratie

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