Album Review: Desert Tune by Shauna Burns


Album Name: Desert Tune

Artist: Shauna Burns

Year/Label: 2006 / LABEL

a Review by Amy

I’m a big fan of Shauna’s, she’s even playing a concert at my house next month. So I was delighted to see this new EP.

Anna Maria reviewed her previous release, [Every Thought] back in 2005. I received it sometime later and it remains a record a listen to regularly.

This is more of the same. Beautiful intricate piano with soft breathy vocals floating over the top that combine to create this haunting quality.

If you like the more soft and mellow but gorgeous piano music you ought to check this one out. It’s wonderful.

Track Listing

1. Gotta Get Ahead
2. Cowboy Song
3. I’m Dirty
4. Waterford
5. December

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