Album Review: Don’t Take it Personally by Nicola


Album Name: Don’t Take it Personally

Artist: Nicola

Year/Label: 2006 / Hot Cherry Records

This is sure different from anything I’ve received recently. Most of the stuff I’ve gotten is mellow, folky stuff. This is outright rock. Not hard, exactly, I mean, it’s not metal or anything. But it sure shocks me awake after what I’ve been hearing lately.

The first track, “My Name Ain’t Mary” is pretty wild. Though I can’t say I know what she’s getting at. Does “Mary” imply a person is boring? I have a friend Mary and she’s anything but boring. Ah well. Maybe there’s a hidden meaning. Whatever, it’s a great song. Really makes you want to move.

The songs are well constructed and invite you in easily. There is a Latin element present, more prominent on some tracks than on others.

I bet she’s really great live. I imagine her sort of flying around the stage and having a lot of fun. I did see on her MySpace page a clip of a live performance and she does belly dancing. So yeah, live? Would be fun!

Track Listing

1. My Name Ain’t Mary
2. Almost
3. Don’t Take It Personally
4. Limited Knowledge
5. Lighthouse
6. Crazy
7. Leavin’ You Behind
8. In Your Own Backyard
9. (5,6,7,8) Hot Date
10. One Life
11. Combustible

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