Album Review: Fool’s Journey by Tara Linda

*Note, this review isn’t’ very “mini” I explain below:

Album Name: Fool’s Journey

Artist: Tara Linda

Year/Label 2006 Tara Linda


This is certainly an odd recording. I can’t decide if it’s techno, pop, or old timey…maybe that’s because the record hasn’t decided either. There is accordion, which you don’t hear every day. It gives some of the songs on this album a sort of carnival feel. Which makes sense since Mirabel is about a circus performer.

Volcano Girl is kind of dirgy. That’s always cool.

5 O’clock Whistle is really old fashioned. It sounds like an acoustic Andrew Sisters. Except that the backing vocals sound off-key. Then it goes into a techo-pop song. This is very strange. At first I thought it was another song. I’m not sold on this yet.

Fill the Sky is a nice torchy number. I really like this one.

She has a really good voice, but it’s a little old fashioned for me. Oh god, I sound like Simon Cowell. And thing is, I actually like old fashioned, sometimes. But ehm, not sure about this one.

Her website, while sparsely designed has some cute photos of her holding her accordion. Maybe I need more time with this. I am vacillating between ‘weird for the sake of being weird’ and ‘interesting genius’.

This is one of those records, that if I could get over a hump about it, I may find it unique and desirable, but I don’t know if I am there yet. Maybe if someone else could convince me…anyone?

This is one of those ones I am posting on the blog too because I would love for people to discuss it. Go listen on CDBaby and then let weigh in!!

Track Listing

1 Mirabel
2 On A Train
3 Fool’s Journey
4 Monkey (Wake Up!)
5 Volcano Grrl
6 Your Mark
7 Fill the Sky
8 Evocation Nostalgique
9 Pennysmashing
10 5 O’clock Whistle

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