Album Review: Fresh Air by Impostor Syndrome


Album Name: Fresh Air by Impostor Syndrome

Artist: Impostor Syndrome

Year/Label: 2007 / Independent

This album is not available to purchase yet,so it’s not getting a full review. I have a real problem with download/digital only releases and would normally just ignore this one, but I like this band. I’ve reviewed them before so I wanted to at least mention it here.

The last time I reviewed them, I was intrigued. I enjoyed it and was hoping for a full length. Two and a half years later, we get more, but just another EP. So that’s too bad. But I understand that making records is expensive. So I’ll take what I can get.

Kristin Persinos has a really great rock voice and this band has a pretty full sound, especially when you realize there are only three people playing.

There’s a little PJ Harvey here, especially on the title track, Fresh Air.

I like this, and again wish it were longer (and available in CD format).

Track Listing

1. The Same

2. Fresh Air

3. Should I

4. How Come

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[Imposter Syndrome on MySpace]

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