Album Review: Giddy Stratospheres by The Long Blondes

Album Name: Giddy Stratospheres

Artist: The Long Blondes

Year/Label: 2007 Rough Trade

a Review by David Adair

The trundling bass lines that catapulted many The Clash song, is replicated with adept precision by Reenie Hollis, giving this Sheffield formed charity chic outfit rumble and thrust. Natural front woman, Kate Jackson skips her vocals flea like between the sounds of Tori Amos, Chrissie Hyndes and Aimee Mann, using the Robots In Disguise, automated styled backing vocals to give matters an intergalactic lift. The end result is a song with more strands than Amy Winehouse’s hair.

Reality is doled out to a giddy lover with cutting honesty, showing an impressive range. With this offering The Long Blondes, have the perfect number to woo Kaiser Chiefs’ fans into a state of idolising submission, when they head out on tour with them soon.

Rating; 3.5/5

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