Album Review: Livin’ by Therese Neaime


Album Name: Livin’

Artist: Therese Neaime

Year/Label: 2006 / Future Records

Therese Neaime is Swedish but she’s spent a lot of time in the US (so her songs are all in English). She was even a regular dancer on Soul Train! However, you’ll notice that if you want to purchase this CD, you’ll have to go through non-USA retailers. At least for now.

To the music…when I first put this CD in the player I had it on shuffle and the first song that played was kind of disco-like. Which didn’t bode well. In fact, the first comment I wrote was ” kind of like J-Lo”.

Good thing I always listen to at least three songs. Because my next comment was ‘Track 5, “Overwhelmed” is really pretty. Not disco at all.’

Neaime has a deep soulful voice. It’s sexy and appealing and sounds like a good match for the songs. It’s kind of hard to describe so I’ll just say, go to her site (link can be found below) and listen for yourself. You don’t have a choice because it starts as soon as you enter the site (a pet peeve).

While this isn’t a record that will likely make it into my personal rotation, it’s pretty good for what it is. Which is poppy, danceable tunes with an interesting voice. There’s certainly a market for this. It’s just not me.

Track Listing

1. Keep It Up
2. Not Easy
3. Take Life As It Comes
4. Color Of Love
5. Overwhelmed
6. The Future
7. Back Against The Wall
8. In My Book Of Dreams
9. Here To Stay
10. You
11. The Night Has Come
12. How Could You Leave Me

Therese Neaime Official Site

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