Album Review: Midnight to Midnight by Sergeant


Album Name: Midnight to Midnight

Artist: Sergeant

Year/Label: 2007 / LABEL

This is really cool driving rock. It’s harder than what I am used to but I like it. The style reminds a little of Carina Round. But perhaps a little less full sounding. Maybe a little less polished. But still very professional work.

Kelli Reull has a perfect rock voice. It just belongs there.

The songs are beautifully written, you don’t normally say that about rock music (or at least I don’t) but they are really well thought out…composed, as opposed to thrown together in rehearsal. Under Lock and Key almost has different movements.

While it’s not something I would pick to listen to every day, it’s a great record for those times when you want to rock out. Great played loud in the car. But not so loud you can’t hear the police car coming up behind you, that would be irresponsible.

Track Listing

1 Meet Your Master
2 Under Lock and Key
3 Your Royal Majesty
4 Fight or Flight
5 The Rook and the Bishop
6 Seed of Fire
7 The Captain
8 Run for Your Money
9 Incentive
10 Change the Guard
11 Untitled

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