Album Review: Not Easy to Forget by Anya Singleton

Album Name: Not Easy to Forget

Artist: Anya Singleton

Year/Label: 2006 / LABEL

Anya Singleton’s sound is a little like Norah Jones. The voice not so much, but the general sound is highly reminiscent. Especially on “I’m Just Fine”.

She has nice deep jazzy voice that seems to effortlessly groove with the music. It’s crystal clear and sultry at the same time.

The songs are well written and easy on the ears. I am not sure if they’d be categorized as blues or jazz. But they’re nice (especially considering I’m a fan of neither genre)

“Silver Or Gold” has some nice jazzy piano and is probably my favorite. Though I also like the oldie “The Nearness of You”. It has a very classic sound.

This is a nice little album (I say ‘little’ because it’s only 6 songs). If you like bluesy jazz or jazzy blues and good strong female vocals I think you’ll enjoy this.

Track Listing

1. I’m Just Fine
2. Not Easy To Forget
3. Slow Man
4. Silver Or Gold
5. One Trick Pony
6. The Nearness of You

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