Album Review: Optimism in E Minor by Broken Poets


Album Name: Optimism in E Minor

Artist: Broken Poets

Year/Label: 2006 / Wordvendor Records

If you listen to this (which you can do using the My Space link) I bet the first thing you’ll notice is it’s not a female singing! Yes, I do review male artists’ music as well, but only if I really like it. And I do. There is a women in the band too, so those of you who don’t approve of my including men, I hope that will be enough to redeem myself.

Lead singer, Tim McDonald’s voice reminds me of someone I cannot place. The general sound early Michael Stipe. A little Crash Test Dummies, a little Counting Crows but edgier. It’s very appealing.

These songs are well written especially lyrically, which is a big plus for me.

I have been racking my brain for two weeks listening to this record trying to place who the singer sounds like and it’s driving me batty. I will send a free CD (not this one) to the first person who can tell me who he sounds like (if it’s the person I am thinking of).

Track Listing

1. Say You Don’t Love Me
2. Along The Way
3. One Sunday
4. The N & The R
5. Wouldn’t Be Me
6. Think Again
7. This Time
8. Higher Than The Sun
9. In This Moment
10. Built Upon The Present Regardless
11. Movie In My Mind
12. Somewhere Somehow

[Broken Poets Official Site]

[Broken Poets on MySpace]


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