Album Review: Pay to be Loved by Ashia


Album Name: Pay to be Loved

Artist: Ashia

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

A little like the early raw records of Regina Spektor. Track one, Divine Killer is just voice and cello, (played like a stand up bass). While her voice is not as strong as Regina’s (who’s is, really?) it’s good and holds up to the music well.

Oh my, I wrote that it reminded me of Regina before I even saw that she has a song called Ne me quitte pas. I swear, I did not read ahead. I am writing this as I listen. But listening to it, I realize it’s not the same song.

She alternates playing the cello traditionally, (with a bow) and plucking which creates a nice sound and atmosphere. I prefer when the notes she is playing are not the same exact notes, but rather complementary ones. But all in all, it’s a brave and interesting release.

Track Listing

1 Divine Killer
2 Fossil
3 Pay to be Loved
4 Ne me quitte pas
5 Nomanmad
6 Clean for You

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