Album Review: Possible Dreams by Elise Lebec


Album Name: Possible Dreams

Artist: Elise Lebec

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

Track Listing

1. Before Awakening
2. Behold
3. Possible Dreams
4. The First Time
5. Meeting You Again
6. Letter From Elise
7. A Drive Through Sunflowers
8. Colors of the Heart
9. Imaginary Kisses
10. Remember When
11. Dark Before Light
12. Beyond Desire
13. Moonlight Dance
14. Cloudless Sky

If you know me you know I love piano. I generally like my piano with a lovely voice accompanying it as well, but sometimes the piano alone is just fine.

I don’t really know how to critique an instrumental record, I’ve done it before and never very well. So I’ll just say this is a beautiful record. It’s perfect for relaxing, to enjoy while reading, cooking, dining, etc. I’m going to keep it handy for those calmer times.

Her CDBaby page says: ” Pianist Elise Lebec hopes that when people hear her music, it helps them to dream about a better world and then encourages them to make those dreams come true.” Wouldn’t that be great?! It’s a lovely thought.

Elise Lebec Official Site

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