Album Review: Quero Saber by Carla Hassett


Album Name: Quero Saber

Artist: Carla Hassett

Year/Label: 2006 / LABEL

This one is not really my bag which is why I am mentioning it here and not on the main site. The reason I mention it at all is that it's really not bad and I think maybe some of you might like it.

I would peg the style as sort of a Latino disco pop. But there are some songs that are more leaning toward the mellow pop vein. Such as "Julia", which is beautiful. I especially like the male vocal harmony.

"What I'm Living For (Seu Amor)" has an interesting melody and it's clear she has a nice voice. I happen to prefer her voice when she's singing in Spanish, even though I don't understand the words. The language just sounds better for her tone.

I think this album is pretty well done; it's just not suited to my personal taste. But I think some of you will find it just right.

Track Listing

1. What I'm Living For (Seu Amor)

2. Quero Saber (ft. Jerry Goodman)

3. Julia (ft. Mike Patton)

4. Over You

5. Three Kings

6. Love Is Everything

7. Novo Jeito

8. Not Real Love

9. Mulato Casado

10. I'm So Sorry

11. Abusou

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