Album Review: String Music by Anna Stafford


Album Name: String Music

Artist: Anna Stafford

Year/Label: 2007 / LABEL

This is a nice instrumental album. If you like strings. And luckily I do. However, it’s a bit samey and I would like to have heard some other instruments in there as well. But as a showcase to Stafford’s talent, this is right on.

There are some really intense moments such as on Green Walls. Where it almost sounds rock-ish. It especially would if there were a full orchestra playing. It really sounds more to me like a demo of her work. Which is fine, but for a record to really be fleshed out, I think it should have more. But perhaps that’s just me.

I am not educated in classical or string music but I will say it’s lovely.

Track Listing

1 March Twenty First
2 Wilson Said
3 The Window
4 Bread
5 Green Walls
6 Crushed Berries
7 May
8 Fourteen Feet
9 Chromosomes
10 Grounded
11 Gossips

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