Album Review: Taste of Torch Rock by Wensday


Album Name: A Taste of Torch Rock /Torch Rock [CD]

Artist: Wensday

Year/Label: 2007 / Desert Dreams Records

The record I got is a sampler of the full CD. So I don’t have a track list for the full length.

It also doesn’t really fit the criteria for this site since the songs are not written by her (unless her name is Wendy Greenbaum…in that case she co-wrote one). But I kinda like it, so I’m going to pass it onto you.

I like the melody on “The Rise and Fall of Love”. It goes where you don’t expect and that’s always a good thing.

“After You” has nice piano and her voice really shines. This is where I realized what a stunning voice she has. Clear as a bell and full of emotion. Great.

“Arizona Man” begins with an almost Spanish feel. Very sultry. Then it goes into more of a country anthem.

There’s some great jazzy piano on “Only Women Bleed” which is an Alice Cooper song.

A nice EP and a nice “taste” of the full length. Which I guess is the whole point.

Track Listing

1. The Rise and Fall of Love

2. After You

3. Arizona Man

4. Only Women Bleed

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