Album Review: Tea with Leo by Breadfoot


Album Name: Tea with Leo

Artist: Breadfoot featuring Anna Phoebe

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

I have a really hard time with instrumental music. It always leaves me wanting something more. Like there’s something missing…and in my opinion there is. Usually what moves me about music is the lyrics and the voice singing them. So I really hesitate to “review” instrumental stuff unless it moves me in other ways. I’m sorry to say, this one does not quite do it for me. I am also not a fan of bluegrass, which this sounds like to me (I’m sure someone will write to me and tell me I’m completely wrong, so I’ll emphasize….to ME).

I mention it because even though it’s not really something I would listen to by choice, I can tell that the musicians are very talented. The songs have nice melodies and they’re played well.

Luckily they’re on CD Baby so you can give a little listen and see if it’s right for you.

Track Listing

1. A Hard Day in Manhattan

2. Hilary Rose

3. Polly Loved Me ( I Know )

4. International Esther

5. Kecha

6. Smoking on the Stoop

7. On the Day That I Go

[Breadfoot Official Site]

[Buy at CD Baby]

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