Album Review: Tequila Moon by Jessy J


Album Name: Tequila Moon

Artist: Jessy J

Year/Label: 2008 / Peak Records

Jessy J is Jessica Spinella. She begun as a piano player but on this record, plays the saxophone and sings a little. An obviously talented woman.

This Latin jazz record is mainly instrumental. But Mas Que Nada is a great song that has vocals. This is a remake of a song I hear quite frequently because it’s on a few of my mix CDs that I’ve made for parties in the past. This cover is very much like the original, so nothing spectacularly unique, but it’s fun anyway.

This record is a nice smooth relaxing listen. Not for everyday, for me personally, but perfect for certain moments: dinner parties, cocktail parties, reading, etc. The production quality is great and it’s an all around solid release.

Track Listing

1. Tequila Moon
2. Spanish Nights
3. Sin Ti/Without You
4. Mas Que Nada
5. Fiesta Velada
6. Poetry Man 3:36
7. Turquoise Street
8. PB ‘n’ J
9. Bésame Mucho
10. Running Away
11. Song for You

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