Album Review: That’s Amore by Beth Donnelly and Douglass Feller


Album Name: That’s Amore

Artist: Beth Donnelly and Douglass Feller

Year/Label: 2005 / Jeremiah Productions, LLC

Track Listing
1. La Canzone di Doretta
2. E’ strano! E’ strano!…Ah fors’ e lui che l’anima Sempre libera
3. Fin ch’han dal vino
4. Spargi d’amaro pianto
5. La’ ci darem
6. deh, vieni alla finestra
7. Quel guardo il cavaliere…So anch’io la virtu magica
8. Bella siccome un angelo
9. The Letter Duet
10. Arrivederci, Roma
11. That’s Amore
12. Time to Say Goodbye

Again, this doesn’t really qualify because the artists did not compose these songs. The songs on this record are opera classics. But I wanted to acknowledge that I got it and listened.

I know I said my least two favorite genres were blues and Christian (or any religious music, really) but I really should have also mentioned opera.

There is something about that opera voice that rubs me the wrong way. However…I love classical piano and Mozart figures prominently here. So I gave it a shot.

Yep, still that opera voice that I have so much trouble with. But I guess it would be good background music to have on when you’re serving an Italian dinner or something.

That’s all I can say about it because if I try to pick it apart, someone who know more about the genre (which is probably anyone and everyone on the planet) will surely point out my wrong-ness. So I’ll just say that for what it is, it’s good.

Not my bag, but I’m sure it’s somebody’s.

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