Album Review: The Morning Way by Tefflon


Album Name: The Morning Way

Artist: Tefflon

Year/Label: 2006 / Independent

There are a lot of bands right now doing this sort of emo/sweet boy-rock thing so in order for people to pay attention; you’ve got to be pretty good.

I’m not sure if these guys are up to it. I mean, they’re fine, they’re good. But do they stand out? Not so much. Not to me anyway. It just seems like stuff I’ve heard over and over again.

Some of the songs have some nice violin on them, but in the case of Track 2 when the singing starts it sounds just like the song we just heard.

Just alright in my book.

Track Listing

1. A Long Drive
2. Ludes
3. The Morning Way
4. Drunk Her to Bed
5. Calgon Take Me Away
6. Low on the Highs
7. Kodak Moment
8. Santa Barbara
9. Lighten Up
10. The Olympics

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