Mini-Review: Unlock the Mystery by Lara Jai


Album Name: Unlock the Mystery

Artist: Lara Jai

Year/Label: 2008 / LABEL

Lara Jai was referred to us by one of my all time favorite submitted artists, Tina Malia. Malia’s first album is one that got really early on in this musical journey and I still play it weekly. So I was really looking forward to what Lara Jai would bring.

Luckily I was not disappointed. Her style is very similar to Tina Malia in that it is ethereal, spiritual and simply (or not so simply) beautiful. New Agey, yes, but lovely.

Lara Jai’s voice is clear and soothing though sometimes strays into the sort of opera-thing I am not in love with, but it’s still good. The melodies area peaceful and soothing. This is good relaxing, reading, chilling music.

This would go on your shelf with your Lorenna McKennits, your Enyas and so on.

Track Listing

1 Unlock the Mystery
2 Reflection
3 I Rest in Your Heart
4 Sacred Beauty
5 Merry Maiden
6 Maya
7 Ocean Breeze
8 Ayi Giri (Sri Mahisasuramardini Stotram)
9 Daylight

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