Album Review: Where the Legends Grow Like Weeds by Jackie Morris


Album Name: Where the Legends Grow Like Weeds

Artist: Jackie Morris

Year/Label: 2005 / Independent

Track Listing
1. Where the Legends Grow Like Weeds
2. Moth to a Flame
3. Trouble with a Wanted Man
4. Far Too Much
5. Down to the Sea
6. The Gold Country’s Turning to Wine
7. One-Eyed Jack
8. Online Dating
9. Gone, Gone, Gone
10. Right as Rain
11. Blue Bottle Fly
12. Louise

I liked the first few songs on this record. They had a sort of 70s folky feel with a “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” sort of vibe. There was also a bit of a Spanish flavor to the rhythms of the first two songs. The second one in particular.

But then by track 3 it turned into a real rootsy country record and I don’t care for that as much. At least it’s not that annoying newish super twangy country, it’s actually more old fashioned which I can get behind most of the time.

But Jackie Morris’ voice is nice though sounds a little affected at times. It seems like it would be more suited to jazzy chanteuse-y music. It’s too pretty and clear to be singing gritty country music. But of course, that just my opinion.

The songs are pretty well written story songs, it’s just not my personal cup o’ tea.

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