Monster-In-Law Mystery


Many of you lovely readers have emailed me asking what the song is that is played in the film when Lopez and Vartan are driving. Since I refused to see that movie, I was unable to help any of you, tho I was tempted to rent it just to look at the credits. But one reader was actually able to give me some lyrics! So, on a whim, typed those words into Google and I learned…da-da-da-duh!!…….

Ellie Lawson
“Down With You”
The Philosophy Tree
(Atlantic Records)

Ha! I love Google.

Here’s her website

and here’s where you can buy the record: B &

So glad that mystery is solved and happy to know that my site is the only one on all of the internets to have this information!!!

Read my review – the soundtrack is WAAAAY better than the movie. 😉 I broke down and watched it on cable one night.

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